Our Program


Houston’s Blue Santa Program is a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit organization that focuses on providing gifts to less fortunate children in the Houston area. What is unique about Houston’s Blue Santa program is that it is solely operated and primarily funded by Houston police officers.

On top of the responsibilities given to police officers, a small group of officers take on additional responsibilities to run the program.  Throughout the year, this small group of officers look for deals on the latest and greatest toys.  Whether it is purchasing items in bulk, or finding the deal of the decade, these officers manage to purchase the most up to date toys at a remarkable price. 

 Along with shopping for thousands of toys throughout the year, these 7 officers take the toys to what we call our “toy room” for storage.  It is in the toy room where the officers make Christmas bags with a variety of toys  in each of them for children of all ages.  When November and December comes around, the 7 officers prepare for the participating officers to come pick up the assembled Christmas bags for the children that they have selected to sponsor. 

HPD’s Blue Santa Program is primarily funded by our very own Houston Police Officers.  Throughout the year, officers participating in the program have money deducted out of their paycheck, and it is with that money that they toys are bought. Approximately 40% of our officers contribute to the program and sponsor just over 10,000 Houston children.

Our Impact



The number of officers it takes to run the program.

Fourty Percent


 The total percentage of Houston police officers that contribute to the Organization.

Ten Thousand


The number of smiles brought to children's faces.